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THESys Discussion Papers

THESys Discussion Papers provide a platform for the publication of high quality, theoretically and/or empirically rigorous research or review papers, essays, policy briefs, discussions, reports, book reviews, short scientific communication and other more alternative forms of scientific communication which advance knowledge about the human-environment nexus.

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Recently added

Energiewenden in Berlin: eine Perspektiverweiterung durch studentische Arbeiten

IRI THESys Author(s): Jonathan Hussels, Pia Wolffram, Timothy Moss (ed.)

Year: 2018

Type: Student Reports

Effectiveness of gaming for communicating and teaching climate change

IRI THESys Author(s): Jasper N. Meya, Klaus Eisenack

Year: 2017

Type: Research Paper


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Jonas Nielsen



Prof. Dr. Jonas Østergaard Nielsen, Research Group Leader
Phone: +49 (030) 2093-66341
E-Mail: jonas.ostergaard.nielsen@hu-berlin.de