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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Bachelor and Master Theses at IRI THESys

Write your thesis with us! Research group leaders and affiliated members of IRI THESys supervise Bachelor and Master theses in the field of human-environmental research.
Topics by research group leaders 

IRI THESys' research group leaders currently teach at the Geography Department and the Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences. Their research cover the following fields of expertise: 

Water and Uncertainty Research
Prof. Tobias Krüger

Urbanisation and Climate Change
Prof. Jonas Ø. Nielsen 

Climate Change and Natural Disaster
Dr. Carl-Friedrich Schleussner

Food Security
Dr. Bettina König 

Multifunctional Landscapes
Dr. Ina Säumel 

Topics by affiliated members

In addition to the research group leaders, IRI THESys has a large number of affiliated members, e.g. based at the Institute of European Ethnology, the Department of Philosophy, the Berlin Institute for Public Theology or the School of Business and Economics. Find a list of all IRI THESys members including their profiles here.

Application Procedure

Interested students are asked to send an email with a brief motivation letter, a list of completed modules of relevant context, and a proof of any other suited qualification to the potential supervisor.

Current Calls

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