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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Research Summary

The research outcomes of the 2019/2020 Scholarship Program include a creative set of podcasts and presentations which explore water security and the impacts of the drought in Europe 2018. A new podcast epsiode will be released every Tuesday starting June 9th, 2020.


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markus spiske sFydXGrt5OA unsplashThe research outcomes of the 2019/20 cohort were as diverse as the subject of water itself. Along with two different case studies at the Müggelsee Lake in Berlin, topics ranged from German potato cultivation, philosophical questions and modelling scenarios on the dynamics of transformations in interrelated systems.

All results showed one thing in common: anyone who wants to deal with water scientifically is confronted with extremely complex interrelationships and global interdependencies. How, for example, do planetary climate changes affect farms and their irrigation systems? What feedback effects can unintentionally arise from certain strategies for action? What conflicts arise in the negotiation of appropriate climate adaptation strategies between drinking water supply and ensuring ecosystem services? How are these dynamics related to how we understand water and how we can make it tangible? 

In a podcast mini-series, the scholarship group created innovative and accessible results. for a broader audience. Note all information is in German, but please contact Nora Melina Vehling and Jonna Clasen for any feedback, follow-up questions or discussions. Download the final discussion paper from the Deutschlandstipendium here: 'Water Security'. 



Konstantinos Voulgaris

Podcast 1 | Water as Human Right: Commons or Commodity? Part 1/2

A philosophical dialogue about water security. Read More.




Konstantinos Voulgaris

Podcast 1 | Water as Human Right: Commons or Commodity? Part 2/2

The philosophical dialogue continues... Read More.






Konstantinos Voulgaris

Prezi | System Dynamic: Modelling of the Consequences of Drought on Agriculture

Discover full presentation here.