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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Research and Transformation

A project to explore and improve the relationship and cooperation between transformation initiatives and transformation research

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Christian Uhle

Driven by the challenges of climate change, the rising costs of resources and the results of continuing globalization, people are increasingly getting together in grassroots movements to create visions and projects for a sustainable transformation of society

The project "Research and Transformation" deals with the mutual interaction between such transformation initiatives and the scholars researching them. In this context questions about the (self-)image of science and the humanities and its role are raised. Should research benefit the initiatives researched? What can successful cooperation look like? The perspectives of the researched initiatives on this research work should be taken into account as well. One of the project's goals is to increase the mutual understanding of scholars and the initiatives they analyse, in order to simplify collaboration.

The Master students Rebecca Lahl (Integrated Natural Resource Management), Daniel Lommes (Philosophy and Linguistics), Kristina Redecker (Human Geography, Political Science and Pedagogics) and Christian Uhle (Philosophy and Economics) got together to join the perspectives of their respective fields as well as their individual expert knowledge for this interdisciplinary research project.

To follow the project´s progress, please visit the blog: http://researchandtransformation.tumblr.com/