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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Global Justice in the textile industries

by Katja Kowalski, Hannah Klauber, Joshua Diez, Maike Voß

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Justice in the textile industry .jpg
Starting in Summer Semester 2017 we started researching in the field of global justice and textile industries. Our goal was to find out about labour conditions within this industrie, as well as looking at the attempt implementing justice within the industry. We ran diffrent interviews with experts of NGOs and associations. Moreover we interviewed students and organized a Clothing-Swap in the foyer of the main building of Humboldt University. Furthermore we organized a panel discussion inviting experts of NGOs and associations, and students in the audience.

We found out, that within the last years some action changed textile industries in a positive direction. Trends are bigger transperancy in supply chains, textile-certificates and collective labour agreements that implement a greater justice within textile industries. Yet it is still along way for implementing fair labour conditions within the entrie garnment sector. We think that everybody can play a part with his/her own consum in clothing.

We are four students in the discipline of Integrated Natural Ressource Management, Geography, Physics and Economics.