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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Projects | IRI THESys | Education | Deutschlandstipendium | Themenklasse 2018/19 | Acceptance of climate neutral food in canteens

Acceptance of climate neutral food in canteens

by Samyra Hachmann, Antonia Sladek, Martha Frittrang, Konstanze Möller

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Our group is extending the discurse analyse of the Veggie-Day debate. We are interested in measurements that exclude meat (and/or other CO2 acute food) entirely from their menu, in certain periods of time or in entire canteens. We will collect objectives about the acceptance of such experiences. The question will be: How to increase acceptance – combined with effectiveness and legitimacy – of such measurements?

In order to collect experiences we will proceed as the following: Our plan is to send questionnaires to all German StudierendenWerke and do research online, as well as we will do interviews via telephone, which will ask about Veggie- and climate-days in university canteens and weekly offers, as well as opinions about parcipatin in food options.

Results will be handed over to StudierendenWERK BERLIN, which opens the possibility of further research with collaborative experiments.

Includes disiplines will be: European ethnology, integrated natural resource management, philosophy and law.

The final report of the project can be found here: