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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Measures of reducing the paper cup consume in university-canteens in Berlin

by Ayberk Coskun, Li Kathrin and Kaja Rupieper

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The Studierendenwerk in Berlin intended to reduce paper cups as part of their sustainability-strategy. For this cause the canteen is advertising since 2012 the topic with the campaign “porcelain instead of paper”. With explaining posters and the CampusCup it aims to reduce the “to-go-consume”. Moreover the canteen works since 2015 with a sale- and markup price policy. Our part of this project will evaluate these activities.

With a quantitative and a qualitative breakdown we want to find out, if a sustainable change in behavior patterns were able to be introduced. We examine sales figures as well as opinions of the students in order to find out the motivation behind a potential change in behavior patterns. Our aim is to identify behavior patters and acceptance of price markups.

In this part of the project will be the disciplines of social science and economics involved.