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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Discourse Analysis on Sustainability Measures

by Marla Kaupmann, Tabea Seesselberg, Claudia Loehnert and Sebastian Pukrop

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How do discourses represent and shape public attitudes towards measures of sustainability? This question is to be answered by our group through the method of a discourse analysis. We examine the discourse presented by major news media in Germany after the introduction of a so-called „veggie day“ by the Green party during its campaign for the parliamentary election in 2013.
This study is supposed to add to the macro level of the collective research project of the Themenklasse by giving an example for political approaches on the sustainability issue and how difficult their presentation to the public can be. The understanding of the dynamics of the discourse on this matter in the past might help to optimize political communication on similar matters in the future and broaden support for sustainable policies.

Our methodological approach is rather sociological, however the disciplines involved vary from Law to Gender Studies and allow an interdisciplinary research project