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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

THESys colloquium

The THESys Colloquium is part of the research training program of the THESys Graduate Program.

THESys Colloquium_WS 2017_18_neu_neu.jpgThe bi-weekly THESys Colloquium is the central discussion forum within IRI THESys. It features presentations by doctoral researchers, postdoctoral scientists, project scientists, members and guests. All scientists involved in the institutes' activities are invited to present their research findings that will be discussed afterwards; interdisciplinary learning is one of the main goals. All interested parties are invited to join!

The programme in the summer term 2020 covers topics from mining, irrigation, food, social space and natural climate solutions (and many more). Mapping, modelling, participatory methods and ethnographic insights are examples for applied methods used to answer current research questions within an interdisciplinary scientific framework.

Download: THESys colloquium in the summer term 2020



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