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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Research Training Program

The curriculum of the THESys Graduate Program covers four modules focusing on interdisciplinary competencies, disciplinary specialisation, new disciplines, and soft skills or entrepreneurial skills.

Research training is organised to provide the disciplinary specialisation needed for excellent doctoral research while introducing the interdisciplinary nature of research mandatory at IRI THESys. All measures within the research training are designed to advance, guarantee, and monitor high quality and continuous progress of doctoral research. The training plan for each fellow is tailor-made along individual strengths and needs.

The THESys Graduate Program is a full member of Hum­boldt Graduate School (HGS), the umbrella service structure at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. It offers a wide range of customized academic courses, a mentoring program and runs an information help desk (regarding to visa application, matriculation, health insurance, etc.).

The research training program of the THESys Graduate Program is designed to enable a maximum of flexibility to serve individual needs and interests of an interdisciplinary studentship.

Module structure

The curriculum covers four modules:

4 Module-orange.jpg

Module A - Developing interdisciplinary competencies 

This module brings the doctoral students together with post-docs and senior scientists. Your work is being challenged by an interdiscip­linary community of scholars. It comprises:

Guests and scientists who are not members of the THESys Graduate Program are welcome to participate in the Module A - after consultation with the coordinator of the THESys Graduate Program.


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Module B - Deepening disciplinary specialisation 

This module is designed to deepen disciplinary knowledge. Besides

  • the attendance of the colloquium in the department the doctoral researcher is admitted,
  • we offer a method laboratory: doctoral students in our graduate program will have the chance to find themselves in groups together with the same interest in methodolgy and already participate in the organisation of the course (concerning potenial lecturers and content).  


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Module C - Discovering new disciplines 

This module encourages students to be curious about other research fields. One can chose: 

  • a lecture or a seminar - different from the own disciplinary background - with affinity for the research themes of IRI THESys, derived from the teaching programme of the participating institutes. 

A list of the courses can be downloaded here.


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Module D - Training of soft skills/entrepreneurial skills 

This module is entirely linked to the academic training the HGS offers. Doctoral students may chose out of these courses and workshops in key competencies (three workshops during the duration of their membership in the THESys Graduate Program).