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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership

The Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership is designed to train the next generation of leaders in sustainability and transformation research.

Who are we?

The Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership is an initiative of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and a joint project of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the four academic centres

  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (IRI THESys),
  • Leuphana University of Lüneburg,
  • Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) and
  • the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT), Rotterdam.
About the Postdoc Academy

The Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership is designed to train the next generation of leaders in sustainability and transformation research. It provides an intensive high-end training with four seminars in two years that broaden the research competencies of postdocs and promote their qualifications towards transdisciplinary leadership. The program also offers seed funding (e.g. for stakeholder meetings or proposal writing activities) to small groups of participants who plan to initiate research collaborations.
Furthermore, an active network of current and former participants of the program will be established.

About the course

A course consists of four seminars (three full days each) over a period of two years. Each seminar will take place at one of the four academic centres and focus on their respective
expertise. The seminars build on each other and are complementary. They are linked by four thematic modules that create an overarching framework:

  • Module 1 engages with sustainability science as a research field and presents resulting challenges for theory and methodology according to the year’s focus topic.
  • Module 2 aims to increase the understanding of how complex systems thinking is used in transformative and sustainability research. How change in this development can be navigated will be discussed.
  • Module 3 deals with theoretical, methodological and process oriented questions revolving around transdisciplinary research, such as: quality criteria, mutual learning and differentiation/ integration. It also addresses challenges of the role of the researcher in these processes as well as „undisciplined“ career pathways.
  • Module 4 deals with issues of career development. It discusses how participants can develop individual and coherent research profiles that will help them to develop their capabilities towards transformational leadership.
Who should apply?

The program aims at postdocs from across Europe who want to make a research impact in the transformation towards a sustainable society and advance the complementarity of social sciences, natural sciences and the humanities.

Applicants should

  • be excellent researchers with a vision (societal impact),
  • have a strong interest in doing inter- and transdisciplinary sustainability research,
  • have a research topic relevant to the year’s focus topic 'Land use practices in a globalised world',
  • be striving towards academic leadership positions, 
  • be academic intrapreneurs who act responsibly and initiate positive change in their institution, 
  • be fluent in English and
  • have funds for their postdoc research for the majority of the duration of the Postdoc Academy.

20 researchers will be selected per intake.

Next deadline: 16 February 2020

Costs and course fees

The course is free of charge. Travel and accommodation expenses during the seminars will be reimbursed.

For more information please see the official website: Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership