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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

THESys Postdoc Network

The THESys Postdoc Network provides a platform for researchers at the postdoc and early career level working in the field of sustainability and human-environment relations
Network aim

The IRI THESys Postdoc and Young Researchers Network is a collaborative network of researchers at the postdoc and early career level. The network provides a platform for young researchers with a strong interest in interdisciplinary research to come together and discuss cross-cutting topics linked to sustainability and human-environment relations. In this way, the network complements the existing member-structure and graduate programme at IRI THESys.

The THESys Postdoc Network contributes to the research agenda and dynamics of IRI THESys through the definition of a core theme of interest to its members at a given point in time, under which activities such as public lectures, research proposals and discussion papers can be framed. In addition, the network seeks to provide an inclusive, constructive and safe space for early career scientist to support each other and share experiences on career challenges and opportunities in academia.


The THESys Postdoc Network is open to all interested and motivated postdoctoral researchers and experienced PhD students at IRI THESys and partner institutions. Membership can be obtained through an “opt-in” policy, where interested researchers actively ask to join the network. This way, we aim at ensuring that members actively contribute to the network.

The postdoc and late-stage PhD phase of a research career is notoriously fluctuating/mobile. In recognizing this, the THESys Postdoc Network welcomes any member that leaves the IRI THESys or partner organizations to remain within and contribute to the network’s activities.

More information

about current members

about the current research theme

For any questions or inquiries about membership please contact the network organisers.


Current Organisers

Nadine Schröder

Dr. Matthias Baumann, HU Berlin
Postdoc at the Department of Geography
Phone: +49 (0)30 2093-9341
E-Mail: matthias.baumann@hu-berlin.de

Nadine Schröder
Photo: Anne Dombrowski

Dr. Cecilie Friis, HU Berlin
Postdoc at IRI THESys
Phone: +49 (030) 2093-66349
E-Mail: cecilie.friis@hu-berlin.de