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An anthology full of wishes

What do intellectuals hope to see from the German parliamentary election in September? The anthology "Wenn ich mir etwas wünschen dürfte" collects some answers. THESys researchers Gabriel Wollner and Johannes Himmelreich have given two of them.

The election to the 19th Bundestag is only a couple of weeks away. If, after 24th of September 2017, a new government takes over in Berlin, what can and what should we hope for? This question has been asked by the editors of the interdisciplinary anthology to authors who explicitly hope for a government to the left of the current Grand Coalition. Short texts have emerged - often with very specific policy proposals.

Quoting Willy Brandt’s “Mehr Demokratie wagen!”, the philosopher Gabriel Wollner, research group leader at the IRI THESys, calls for the democratization of economic and social life. Domains where democratic control has been lost to markets should be recaptured and expanded in the name of democracy, an end best achieved through new approaches in economic and financial policy. Specifically, Wollner proposes debt relief for heavily indebted states, a tax on international financial transactions, and a genuine democratization of the workplace.

Johannes Himmelreich, postdoctoral researcher in the research group of Gabriel Wollner, imagines a fair market for asylum protection services in order to better meet the human right to asylum. Specifically, he proposes relocation treaties under the supervision of the UN, through which states could outsource their asylum commitments to other states, but would have to pay for it. Thus, individual states would bear a lighter burden, populists would be disarmed, and, most importantly, the people in need would be given asylum more quickly.

The anthology, published in the Steidl Verlag, contains 34 suggestions and wishes from 38 poets and thinkers from fiction and philosophy. The editors want the book to be understood as a contribution to a democratic election campaign, which is based on the power of arguments.

Helfer, J.; Meyer, M.; Wettig, K. (2017): Wenn ich mir etwas wünschen dürfte. Intellektuelle zur Bundestagswahl 2017. Seidl Verlag.

Gabriel Wollner
Photo: Lisa Frach


Prof. Dr. Gabriel Wollner, Research Group Leader
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