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Blog post on crop booms in Southeast Asia

THESys researcher Cecilie Friis and a group of colleagues published a blog post about the transformative capacity of crop booms and the role of smallholder farmers in Southeast Asia on the online platform "New Mandala".
What we know about smallholder involvement… and why it matters

Ordered lines of rubber that tower over a red, dirt road. Rolling hills of maize that locals have dubbed ‘bald mountains’ as far as the eye can see. Valleys and foothills blanketed with banana, cassava, and watermelon fields. These images characterise the changing rural landscapes of mainland Southeast Asia, where a mosaic of rice, upland gardens, bush fallows, and lush forests is succumbing to mono-cultured boom crops.

As the world wrestles with the IPCC Climate change and land report’s grim assessment of how land conversions contribute to global climate change, the authors of this blog article aim to highlight the complex, problematic and significant phenomenon of cash crop booms.

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Read the full article here!

The blog post was published on the online platform New Mandala, which has been providing anecdotes, analysis and new perspectives on Southeast Asia since 2006.