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Comment: why we need to know more about super-rich

Together with colleagues, THESys Member Wolfgang Lucht has published a comment in the February issue of "Nature Climate Change", in which he pleads for a stronger focus on greenhouse gas emissions of the super-rich.
An untapped potential to reduce carbon emissions

Carbon mitigation efforts often focus on the world's poorest people because they are the ones most affected by climate change impacts. As affluent people can shield themselves more effectively, they have been largely ignored in climate change research and climate policies. That needs to be changed, especially in consideration of the high carbon footprint caused by that group.

The comment by Wolgang Lucht, Ilona M. Otto, Kyoung Mi Kim and Nika Dubrovsky demonstrates that a better understanding of lifestyle and consumption patterns of the super-rich would be a useful contribution to existing mitigation options. "There is a largely untapped potential to reduce carbon emissions by altering the way of life of the super-rich", the authors say. They therefore call for a policy which puts according measures into motion - also against resistance.  

Read the whole comment here