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THESys Graduate Program Online

The 2020/2021 research training program at IRI THESys will continue this semester with all events and colloquiums being held online.

THESys Graduate program is organised to advance and support the progress of doctoral research within an interdisciplinary research arena. Bundling the competencies of 35 PhDs from diverse international and disciplinary backgrounds, the program will continue its curriculum as planned and will be holding all events through virtual platforms.


The bi-weekly THESys Colloquium is the central discussion forum within IRI THESys and features presentations by doctoral researchers, postdoctoral scientists, project scientists, members and guests. The in-depth presentations will give insight to the current research projects and research areas of IRI THESys. As there were several delays this semester, the colloquiums will be held on a weekly basis from 15 May 2020 to 10 July 2020 (download full programme here).


For more information on events and formats from the Graduate Program please view the following webpage, and for further information on the use of virtual platforms, please contact graduate program coordinator Kathrin Klementz.