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IRI THESys Kick-Off Meeting

On April 24th, IRI THESys started the new semester with its first virtual event! In light of the current COVID-19 situation and in accordance with Humboldt University’s essential-only mode, the event was held entirely online.

The event began with a General Assembly whereby IRI THESys members presented current initiatives for research projects. Kathrin Klementz, coordinator of the Graduate Program, provided an introduction the new mentoring program. HU’s science communication initiative “Open Humboldt” was also  presented by Birgit Mangelsdorf, head of HU’s Communication office. 

Afterwards, new doctorate students introduced their research projects at the THESys Mixer.

A THESys Members’ Lecture followed to highlight the work of IRI THESys Director Jörg Niewöhner. Prof. Dr. Niewöhner explained his research focus on global environmental change and the challenge of socioecological cohesion and present his project ‘Evidence-based democratic deliberation’. 

The Kick-Off  concluded with an opportunity for doctorate students and postdocs to attend an online ‘Meet the Member’ event to ask further questions and chat with Prof. Dr. Niewöhner. For further information on the schedule, please download the following PDF.

Listen to the full THESys Members’ Lecture here: