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Mining stories: insights into doctoral research

Gold and copper, these are some of the raw materials found in the mines of Kyrgyzstan, Chile, Mexico and Tanzania. In a portrait series, four doctoral researchers at IRI THESys report on their mining research.
In the tradition of Alexander von Humboldt

Beril Ocaklı, Sascha Cornejo Puschner, Jorge Vega Marrot and Anna Frohn Pedersen follow the tradition of Alexander von Humboldt: as a travelling natural scientist he became world famous, but a career in mining was his first step forward. Just like Humboldt, the four young researchers, all of them doctoral students at IRI THESys, have dedicated themselves to the topic of mining.

In a four-part portrait series, they now provide insights into their work:

A question of trust. Mining conflicts in Kyrgyzstan

The institutional economist Beril Ocaklı investigates mining conflicts in Kyrgyzstan.

Copper mining in Chile. The dream of young indigenous people?

The cultural anthropologist and philosopher Sascha Cornejo Puschner investigates copper mining in Chile.

A question of life and death. Mining conflicts in Mexico

The political philosopher, biologist and essayist Jorge Vega Marrot invetsigates mining conflicts in Mexico.

"They don't know where it ends up in the world." Small-scale gold mining in Tanzania

The anthropologist Anna Frohn Pedersen investigates small-scale gold mining in Tanzania.