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New Podcast on Water Security

Throughout June and July, the Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship Program at IRI THESys will be releasing episodes from their podcast mini-series.
New Podcast on Water Security

Müggelsee in Berlin (Wersinger, 2020)

Funded by the Stiftung Humboldt-Universität and the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), the Deutschlandstipendium is an annual scholarship provided to skilled and motivated students across Germany. At IRI THESys, the unqiue program is focused on the topic of ‘Sustainability & Global Justice’. Each year, a selected group of students from Geography, Ethnology, Integrated Natural Resource Management, Philosophy and other disciplines come together and develop an integrative research project. The group chooses a ‘Themenklasse’ or subject area concerned with sustainability and global justice and relate these themes back to regional action fields. This year, the 16 Masters and Bachelors students investigated the topic of water security, taking a closer look at the impacts of the drought in Europe in 2018.


To reach a large and diverse audience, the group translated the results from their research project into the podcast mini-series ‘NACHHALL_tigkeit’. The episodes include case studies of the Müggelsee Lake in Berlin, discussions on the global interdependencies in the responses to drought, an outlook on German potato cultivation, as well as philosophical deep dive into the access of water.


The group was supervised by IRI THESys members Tobias Krüger and Bettina König, as well as graduate researchers Janine Hauer, Lukas Tank and Marcel Twele. Each week, you can find the newest episode on the Deutschlandstipendium webpage. To read this article in German click here.