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Beril Ocaklı represents the new generation of commoners

THESys doctoral researcher Beril Ocaklı is the first Student Member of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) Council. The new IASC Council has started office on 15 January 2019.
More voice to the young commons researchers

The IASC as the leading professional commons association brings together multi-disciplinary researchers, practitioners and policymakers. All of them are dedicated to advancing understanding, governance and management of, and creating sustainable solutions for commons, common-pool resources, or any other form of shared resource.

After approval by members, a new position of a Student Council Member was created to strengthen the position of junior researchers in the field of commons research. Following her nomination for the position, doctoral researcher Beril Ocaklı received the most votes from the membership and is now elected to represent the next generation of commoners.

In her research at IRI THESys, Beril explores conflict and cooperation in the face of competing claims on land-water systems and territorial transformations. 

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