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Policy brief for sustainable land-management

How can one manage innovation for a landscape like the Spreewald region in sustainable ways? The policy brief of the ginkoo project adresses this question and comes up with answers for practioniers.

The BMBF funded ginkoo project team summarized its key results in the Spreewald case study in a policy brief, handed over to its practice partners in the Biosphere reserve Spreewald. The document focuses on management challenges associated with endeavours to systematically develop system innovations for a sustainable land management. These challenges can be addressed in four key areas: (1) promoting a shared understanding of shared values and sustainability visions among actors, (2) developing measure to minimize acceptance barriers and to foster cooperation, knowledge exchange and communication, (3) institutionalise a coordinating innovation oriented cultural landscape management and (4) allow for locally adapted solutions by providing adequate framework conditions.
The policy brief can be download here (in German).

Contact: Bettina König, bettina.koenig@hu-berlin.de