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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Chiara Bearzotti

EU Project Manager for the H2020 Project EdiCitNet

"I am very happy to provide support to the EdiCitNet coordination in managing this exciting project! My goal is to make the life of this project and its team easier!" Chiara Bearzotti

Chiara Bearzotti is a certified project manager, specialised in managing large Horizon 2020 projects and in grant management. Chiara has been working on research projects as project manager for a long time (starting with FP4 and FP5 at the end of the 90’s). She has also worked a long time for IN-TERREG programmes, the external programmes of the European Commission, on the side of those providing funding to the projects and monitoring their implementation. Thus she is familiar with both sides of grant management (funding agencies and funded projects). Chiara has a background in economics and in project management.

Since September 2019, Chiara is working at IRI THESys supporting the H2020 project EdiCitNet, which is led by Dr. Ina Säumel.

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