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Dr. Iago Otero Armengol

Postdoctoral Researcher / Visiting Researcher
Wildfires as catalysts of social-ecological and political transformations


  • The political ecology of wildfires
  • Wildfires as triggers of social-ecological transformation
  • Degrowth as social-ecological transformation


"Environmental problems by definition transcend conventional disciplinary and thought-action boundaries. Much ink has been spilled over bringing different disciplines together in the study of environmental problems and linking scientific outputs to social needs. But transcending deeply entrenched labor divisions in scientific production is much easier said than done. Hence my work at IRI THESys is both an exciting opportunity and a challenge. I will try to put in dialogue my paradigms, languages and methods with those of my colleagues, and to integrate them into an emergent language able to capture the complexity of our environment." Iago Otero Armengol

Iago Otero Armengol was a postdoctoral researcher at IRI THESys from 2014-2017. He has a PhD in Environmental Sciences (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2010) with a thesis on the rural-to-urban social-ecological transformation of Mediterranean mountain areas. After his PhD he worked as an associate researcher at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He also has experience in the science and management of wildfires as he is engaged in a long-term project on wildfire prevention through the reconfiguration of old rural activities for building resilience.

Since 1 February 2014, Iago Otero Armengol was at IRI THESys and worked with Research Group Leader Jonas Østergaard Nielsen within his project “Changing rural-urban linkages across the world”.

Following his postdoctoral position Iago became a guest researcher at IRI THESys from March to October 2017. 

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