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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Academic Staff


Photo: David Ausserhofer
Photo: David Ausserhofer

Robert Arlinghaus, Prof. Dr.


Fish, fishing and the meaning of life

Wolfgang Bokelmann, Prof. Dr.
Strategic Group Member, Member


Gretchen Bakke
Photo: Alex Tran

Gretchen Bakke, Prof.
Guest Professor 2018-2020, Member

Anthropological approaches to changing energy regimes

Klaus Eisenack, Prof. Dr.
Strategic Group Member, Member

Resource Economics

Photo: WandererCreative/Pixaby

Peter Feindt, Prof. Dr.

Photo: Iona Dutz

Dieter Gerten, Prof. Dr.

Photo: Andreas Süß
Patrick Hostert, Prof. Dr.

Geography from space – observing and better understanding the changing Earth system with satellite remote sensing


Photo: Tabea Vahlenkamp

Bettina König, Dr.
Board Member, Member, Research Group Leader

New institutional and regional coordination forms for sustainable land management

Photo: Andreas Süß

Tobias Krüger, Prof. Dr.
Board Member, Member, Research Group Leader

Transformations and uncertainties of land-water systems

Photo: Tobias Kuemmerle
Tobias Kümmerle, Prof. Dr.

Balancing biodiversity conservation and humanity’s resource needs

Photo: Klemens Karkow
Hermann Lotze-Campen, Prof. Dr.


Photo: Markus Wächter
Wolfgang Lucht, Prof. Dr.
Board Member


Photo: Kirsten Meyer

Kirsten Meyer, Prof. Dr.
Strategic Group Member


Timothy Moss, Dr.

Urban infrastructures and human-environment relations


Daniel Müller, Dr.


Identifying pathways to sustainable land use in transition countries

Photo: Claas Nendel
Claas Nendel, Dr.


Photo: Jonas Nielsen

Jonas Ø. Nielsen, Prof. Dr.
Board Member, Member, Research Group Leader

Changing rural-urban relations in an increasingly interconnected world

Photo: Matthias Heyse
Jörg Niewöhner, Prof. Dr.
Deputy Director

Ethnographic long-term social ecological research


Photo: WandererCreative/Pixaby
Stefan Schäfer, Dr. 


Carl-Friedrich Schleußner
Academic Staff, Research Group Leader

Climate Related Loss and Damage

Photo: Wolfgang Meier
Christoph Schneider, Prof. Dr.

Climate change impacts on urban and cryosphere systems
Roland Strausz, Prof. Dr.


Gabriel Wollner, Prof. Dr.
Member, Research Group Leader

Global challenges in economic and environmental ethics