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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Assel Akhmetova

former Intern/Student Assistant
Environmental impacts of gold mining on land-water systems in the countries of Central Asia


  • Climate change
  • Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)
  • Water and Wastewater quality and treatment


"I am looking into ecological impacts of mining on land-water systems and their effects on social-economic situations in countries of Central Asia. I am very interested in evaluating various environmental complications that may arise during mining processes and ways of remediating these impacts. Coming from Central Asia gives me an advantage of knowing the language (Kazakh and Russian), culture, and mentality of local people. I have a good knowledge of current environmental policies in Kazakhstan as well as different challenges that still have to be faced in order to achieve sustainable development." Assel Akhmetova

Assel Akhmetova has received her BSc degree in Environmental Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in USA in 2012. She received her MSc degree in Hydro Science and Engineering at Technical University of Dresden in 2015. Her thesis was on critical assessment of different modelling approaches for evapotranspiration considering effects of model complexity and practical restriction caused by data requirements. She used data collected at climate station located in Tharandt, Saxony.

From December 2015 to February 2016, she was working as a student assistant for the IRI THESys Reseach Group on "Transformations of land-water systems" which is led by Prof. Tobias Krüger.

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