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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Cooper Blade

Artist in Residence


  • Documentary and Portrait Photography


“I am excited to collaborate with IRI THEsys because as a photographer I try to engage and speak to people visually, and with the inspiration of the scientific work going on at this institution I hope to create images that engage all types of people and encourage them to look deeper into the subjects being studied here.” Cooper Blade

Cooper Blade is a student at the BTK University of Applied Sciences. He grew up in the Northwestern corner of the United States of America and after graduating high school traveled to Germany to pursue a career in photography.

Cooper was an Artist in Residence at IRI THESys. Together with Ida Marie Tangeraas, he visualized IRI THESys` research themes through his photographic work, and the results were displayed in an exhibition in November 2014. This project is a collaboration with the KOSMOS Summer University.


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