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Sascha Cornejo Puschner

Doctoral Researcher
Nature/culture relations in Chilean economy


  • Political ecology and nature/culture relations
  • Mining and environmental changes
  • Science and technology studies


"I'm happy to be part of the highly diverse and multinational group of researchers at IRI THESys, and I'm sure to begin an important process of learning." Sascha Cornejo Puschner

Sascha Cornejo Puschner is a PhD student at IRI THESys since summer 2018. He studied Anthropology in Santiago de Chile and is now preparing his doctoral research.

Sascha's research focuses on the nature/culture relations that arise from the historical development of Chilean economy based on extractivism and exportation of natural resources. 

Selected Publications

¿Políticas de la naturaleza o naturaleza como política? Claves teóricas para repensar la relación naturaleza y cultura. Towards a politics of nature. Some theoretical directions to rethink the relation between nature and culture. In colaboration with A. Durán. Revista de la Academia. N. 26. Medio ambiente, ecología y sociedad. (Published in October-November 2018)

Politicas de la especie. Eugenesia, vida e ingeniería genética. (2017) Lom ediciones: Santiago de Chile.

La relación naturaleza y ser humano, tecnología y biología bajo la luz del posthumanismo. (2017) Antropologías del Sur. Dossier Afro-descendientes y Racismo. Vol 4 n. 8