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Prof. Dr. Patrick Hostert

Deputy Director
Geography from space – observing and better understanding the changing Earth system with satellite remote sensing


  • Transformations of land use systems
  • Land use and carbon dynamics
  • Remote sensing based mapping and monitoring

"Global change and local livelihoods are inherently intertwined, but at the same time research on both is largely separated. Deriving information on our rapidly changing planet from space helps bridging this gap – by providing novel spatio-temporal information, but also by providing iconic showcases that illustrate how humankind transforms the Earth system. My research at IRI THESys is devoted to deepen our understanding on land use transformations and how these affect coupled human-environment systems." Patrick Hostert

Prof. Dr. Patrick Hostert is the Deputy Director of IRI THESys and Head of Geomatics Lab of the Geography Department at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He received his first degree in physical geography from Trier University, Germany, in 1994, an M.Sc. in GIS from Edinburgh University, UK, in 1995, and a Ph.D. in Remote Sensing from Trier University, Germany, in 2001. During his assistant professorship at Humboldt University Berlin (2002 to 2006) he focused on remote sensing of urban environments. Since 2006 he holds a full professorship with a focus on Remote Sensing at Humboldt University Berlin, Germany. Patrick Hostert is founder and head of the Geomatics Lab and since 2008 director/vice-director of the Geography Department. Patrick Hostert serves, among others, the Global Land Project Scientific Steering Committee, the Landsat Science Team, and the Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Program’s Science Team. His research in remote sensing focuses on land system science.

As deputy director of IRI THESys, Patrick Hostert oversees the institute's scientific mission, chairs the IRI board and represents IRI THESys members and affiliates in all.

Selected publications

Dara, A., Baumann, M., Kuemmerle, T., Pflugmacher, D., Rabe, A., Griffiths, P., Hölzel, N., Kamp, J., Freitag, M. & Hostert, P. (2018). Mapping the timing of cropland abandonment and recultivation in northern Kazakhstan using annual Landsat time series. Remote Sensing of Environment, 213, 49-60

Jakimow, B., Griffiths, P., van der Linden, S. & Hostert, P. (2018). Mapping pasture management in the Brazilian Amazon from dense Landsat time series. Remote Sensing of Environment, 205, 453-468

Rufin, P., Levers, C., Baumann, M., Jägermeyr, J., Krueger, T., Kuemmerle, T. & Hostert, P. (2018). Global-scale patterns and determinants of cropping frequency in irrigation dam command areas. Global Environmental Change, 50, 110-122

Yin, H., Pflugmacher, D., Li, A., Li, Z. & Hostert, P. (2018). Land use and land cover change in Inner Mongolia - understanding the effects of China's re-vegetation programs. Remote Sensing of Environment, 204, 918-930

Müller, H., Rufin, P., Griffiths, P., de Barros Viana Hissa, L. & Hostert, P. (2016). Beyond deforestation: Differences in long-term regrowth dynamics across land use regimes in southern Amazonia. Remote Sensing of Environment, 186, 652-662

Hostert, P., Griffiths, P., van der Linden, S. & Pflugmacher, D. (2015). Time Series Analyses in a New Era of Optical Satellite Data. In C. Kuenzer, S. Dech & W. Wagner (Eds.), Remote Sensing Time Series (pp. 25-41): Springer International Publishing


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