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Dr. Christian Kerschner

Christian Kerschner Foto:
Fellow (1st October until 31st December 2013)


Major research interests

  • Peak-Oil
  • Degrowth
  • Attitudes towards technology

Selected publications

Kerschner, C., C. Prell, et al. (in press). "Economic vulnerability to Peak Oil", Global Environmental Change.

Kerschner, C. and K. Hubacek (2009). "Assessing the suitability of input-output analysis for enhancing our understanding of potential economic effects of Peak Oil." Energy 34(3): 284-290.

Kerschner, C. (2010). “Economic De-growth vs. the Steady State Economy”, Journal of Cleaner Production. 18(6): 544-551.

Kallis, G., C. Kerschner and J. Martinez-Alier (2012). "The economics of degrowth." Ecological Economics 84(0): 172-180.

Ehlers, M.-H. and C. Kerschner (2010). A framework of attitudes towards technology in sustainability studies, applied to teachers of ecological economics. ISEE Conference 2010: Advancing Sustainability in a Time of Crisis, Oldenburg - Bremen, www.isee2010.org.

THESys Project

Economic vulnerabilities to Peak Oil