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Dr. rer. pol. Liviu Măntescu

Research Associate


  • Governance of Economic and Ecologic Transformations in The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Dr. Liviu Măntescu enriches the research fields of the IRI THESys with his interdisciplinary expertise in governace and land-use change.

Currently, he is research associate at IRI THESys after 24 month as post-doctoral researcher with the Associative Environmentality project and a 6 month visiting fellowship.

THESys Project

Margins and Nature

Former Projects

Associative Environmentality

Deep Ecology and Radical Environmentalism


Mantescu, L. (2016): Ecoporn, Irrationalities and Radical Environmentalism, IRI THESys Discussion Papers 2016/1

Selected Publications

Liviu Mantescu (2014): The Ecology of an Agrarian Question: Ecological Crises and the Coming of Age of Capitalism in Vrancea, The Museum of the Romanian Peasant Anthropology Review, 19, 97-113.

Vasile, M.; Mantescu, L. (2009): Property reforms in rural Romania and community-based forests, 95-113.

Mantescu L. (2009): Héritage et représentation sociale des ressources naturelles en propriété commune en Vrancea (Roumanie), Montpellier : CIHEAM, 77-92.

Mantescu, L. (2008): Le cerf vaincu: Chasse à courre et néo-ruralité en Bretagne, 45, 111-122.