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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

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Dr. rer. pol. Liviu Mantescu

Visiting Scholar


  • Land-use change in neo-liberal context
  • Environmental history in (post) communist/ (post) colonialist context.


Dr. Liviu Mantescu will enrich the research fields of the IRI THESys with his interdisciplinary expertise spanning social anthropology, sociology and political ecology.

Currently, he is visiting scholar at IRI THESys after a 6 month fellowship.

THESys Project

‘Nature, access, difference: Land use change in Xistral and deliberative democracy’

Associative Environmentality


Selected Publications

Liviu Mantescu (2014): The Ecology of an Agrarian Question: Ecological Crises and the Coming of Age of Capitalism in Vrancea, The Museum of the Romanian Peasant Anthropology Review, 19, 97-113.

Vasile, M.; Mantescu, L. (2009): Property reforms in rural Romania and community-based forests, 95-113.

Mantescu L. (2009): Héritage et représentation sociale des ressources naturelles en propriété commune en Vrancea (Roumanie), Montpellier : CIHEAM, 77-92.

Mantescu, L. (2008): Le cerf vaincu: Chasse à courre et néo-ruralité en Bretagne, 45, 111-122.