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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Suhana E. Reddy

Doctoral researcher and scientific project management in EdiCitNet
Project- and Stakeholdermanagement in transdisciplinary Projects


  • The triangle of Socio-Ecology-Economy and its transdisciplinary nature
  • Chemical Ecology/Toxicology and Environmental Protection
  • Stakeholdermanagement based on its Root-Science: Psychology and Sociology


"Be part of a larger structure to support the effective impact and progress of projects that meet the challenges of a changing world." Suhana Reddy

Suhana Reddy is currently working as doctoral researcher at IRI THESys to manage and scienfically guide the EC-funded project EdiCitNet. Since 2016 Suhana has worked in the preparation of the proposal for EdiCitNet and finished the additional Master in Project and Stakeholder manage-ment at TU Berlin (MSc. Science Marketing). As an engineer for environmental protection (BSc.,TU Berlin) Suhana was working for ZIM project on toxicology of chemicals for the EU regulation REACH. At IRI THESys Suhana is Lead of WP 8 (Coordination and Man-agement, EdiCitNet) and is specialized on conflictious stakeholder man-agement of large collaborative (research) projects.

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