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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Dr. Salman Qureshi

Project Coordinator (T.21 – Cluster of Excellence)
Urban and landscape ecologist


  • Urbanization and socio-ecological complexities
  • Urban green spaces and ecosystem services
  • Environmental cognition and landscape perception


I have no special talents; I am just passionately curious to seek answers to eternal questions! " Salman Qureshi

Salman Qureshi worked as a Project Coordinator on a large scale collaborative project aiming to develop a Cluster of Excellence at the HU Berlin. Earlier, he served as the DAAD Guest Chair at the Institute of Sport Science, teaching and researching urban ecology and was a member of the Bayreuth Center for Ecology and Environment (BAYCEER), University of Bayreuth from 2014-2016. Alongside, he also worked as a Guest Scientist at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institute of Geography (Landscape Ecology). He worked as a Humboldt Research Fellow from 2012-2014 at the same Institute. He is affiliated with the School of Architecture, Birmingham City University as an Honorary Research Fellow.

His research orbit is distinctly interdisciplinary and focuses on the human dimensions of the effects of landscape pattern on urban ecosystem processes, urbanization and its ecological consequences on ecosystem services. His research addresses a wide range of questions investigating the social processes driving urban vegetation change (land change science in general) and the structure-function relationships of ecological systems in urban and peri-urban environments. He is interested in comparative ecology of cities having case studies Asia, Europe, South and North America. He is keen to investigate the socio-ecological processes involved in provisioning of cultural ecosystem services and how people perceive and use their environs.

Beside his services for several journals, he has published over 50 articles and has won several international honours and awards including the DAAD Guest Chair, European Young Urban Forester of the Year, The Leverhulme Fellowship (UK), CHANS-Net Fellowship (USA), Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Charles Wallace Fellowship (UK), IALE-D Best Dissertation Award, ESRI SAGA Award (USA), IUFRO Scholarship, and OeAD North-South Dialogue Scholarship (Austria).

Salman Qureshi was a Project Coordinator at IRI THESys since October 2016.


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Selected Publications

Wang, H., Qureshi, S., Qureshi, B.A., Qiu, J., Freidman, C.R., Breuste, J.H., and Wang, X. (2015). A multivariate analysis integrating ecological, socioeconomic and physical characteristics to investigate urban forest cover and plant diversity in Beijing, China. Ecological Indicators, Vol. 60, pp: 921-929.

Kabisch, N., Qureshi, S., and Haase, D. (2015). Human-environment interactions in urban green spaces – A systematic review of contemporary issues and prospects for future research. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Vol. 50, pp: 25-34.

Qureshi, S., and Haase, D. (2014). Compact, eco-, hybrid or teleconnected? Novel aspects of urban ecological research seeking compatible solutions to socio-ecological complexities. Ecological Indicators, Vol. 42, pp: 1-5.

Qureshi, S., Haase, D., and Coles, R. (2014). The Theorized Urban Gradient (TUG) method – a conceptual framework for socio-ecological sampling in complex urban agglomerations. Ecological Indicators, Vol. 36, pp: 100-110.

Qureshi, S., Breuste, J.H., and Jim, C.Y. (2013). Differential community and the perception of urban green spaces and their contents in the megacity of Karachi, Pakistan. Urban Ecosystems, Vol. 16, Issue 4, pp: 853-870.