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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Ida Marie Tangerås

Artist in Residence


  • Photography of cultures, people and landscapes


"As a photographer, I am hoping that making the IRI THESys work accessible – by focusing on visualizing the climate and global changes we are facing today – will hopefully create a greater knowledge about the importance behind the transformation processes in human-environment systems." Ida Marie Tangerås

Ida Marie Tangerås is a photography student at the BTK University of Applied Sciences. She grew up in Bergen, Norway and during high school she participated in an exchange program in Cardiff, Wale where she first started to study photography. After finishing high school she has been traveling a lot, photographing cultures, people and landscapes that inspires her. She worked as a press photographer covering music festivals and different artists and band. She considers photography as a personal passion. She is currently based in Berlin where she lives since 2012.

Since spring 2014, Ida Marie was an Artist in Residence at IRI THESys. Together with Cooper Blade, she visualize IRI THESys` research themes through her photographic work, and the results were displayed in an exhibition planned for November 2014. This project is a collaboration with the KOSMOS Summer University.


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