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Prof. Dr. Andreas Thiel



  • Interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies to understanding the role of institutions, the state and cross-scalar interactions in Social-ecological Systems and their transformation
  • Institutional Resource Economics and methodologies to study institutions and economic behavior in Social-ecological Systems
  • Water governance and environmental governance in the EU, climate change Adaptation, changes in agricultural land use and their institutional drivers


Andreas Thiel is Einstein Junior Fellow and temporarily appointed as Professor of Environmental Governance, heading a research group in this topic. He is an economist and spatial planner by training and holds a Ph.D. from Oxford Brookes University, School of the Built Environment. He was Visiting Fellow at Technical University of Lisbon, University of Lisbon, University of Seville and Indiana University, Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis. His habilitation addresses the topic: Developing Institutional Economics for the Analysis of Social-ecological Systems.

Since 2013, Andreas Thiel was a member of the IRI THESys and since April 2016 he is line manager at University of Kassel.

Selected publications

Farrel, K. N. and Thiel, A (forthcoming) Guest Editorial - Nudging Evolution? critical exploration of the potential and limitations of the concept of institutional fit for the study and adaptive management of social-ecological systems. Ecology and Society

Thiel, A.; Schleyer, C. und Plieninger, T. (2012): Wolves are Mobile, While Fruit Trees are not! How Characteristics of Resources and Supranational Regulatory Frameworks Shape the Provision of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Germany. In Environmental Policy and Governance 22 (3), S. 189–204.

Thiel A. und Egerton, C. (2011), Re-scaling of Resource Governance as institutional change: The case of water governance in Portugal. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 54(3), S. 383-402.

Thiel, A. (2010), Institutions Shaping Coastal Ecosystems: The Algarve Case. Coastal Management 38(2), S. 144-164.

Thiel, A. (2009), The use of ex-ante modelling tools in European Impact Assessment: What role does land use play? Land Use Policy 26(4), S. 1138-1148.

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