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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Marcel Twele

Doctoral Researcher
The (in)justice of the inheritance tax


  • Theories of Justice

  • Political Philosophy


"Many philosophers, political activists and ordinary people consider the social mechanism of taxation as a (potentially) just and effective means to (re)distribute wealth and opportunities from privileged to disadvantaged members of society. Yet, when it comes to the taxation of inherited wealth, many are more reluctant in their endorsement. In my research I want to find out how much of this reluctance is grounded in sound normative arguments and what kind of inheritance tax (if any) is required in terms of justice." Marcel Twele

Marcel Twele is a doctoral researcher at IRI THESys. He has studied Philosophy and Regional studies Asia/Africa (BA) and finished his master’s degree in philosophy at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in February 2018. In 2016/17 he was a member of the third generation of the Deutschlandstipendium-Themenklasse "Sustainability & Global Justice". His current research focuses on questions of taxation and justice. Specifically on the (in)justice of the inheritance tax.

Since October 2016, Marcel is part of the research group "Economic and environmental ethics" led by Prof. Gabriel Wollner.

THESys Projects

Selected publications

2016 "Von Menschenrechten und Hilfspflichten" In "Welche und wie viele Flüchtlinge sollen wir aufnehmen?", ed. Thomas Grundmann und Achim Stephan. Stuttgart: Reclam Verlag.