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Deep Ecology and Radical Environmentalism

Dr. Liviu Măntescu is a research associate at IRI THESys after being a visiting researcher and post-doctoral fellow.
Photo:Liviu Mantescu
Deep ecology lost academic legitimacy in the mid-1990s following the criticisms of its ‘rationale’ coming from the green liberal philosophy. Yet, ever-increasing ecological degradation world-wide continues and subsequent developments in environmental resistance movements call for a re-examination of the issue of rationality in these movements, and in deep ecology in particular.
In 2016, Liviu published the results of his research within the THESys Discussion Paper Ecoporn, Irrationalities and Radical Environmentalism


Photo:Josephine Lauterbach


Dr. Liviu Măntescu, Research Associate
Phone: +49-(030)-2093-66328
Email: liviu.mantescu@hu-berlin.de