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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Margins and Nature. The Political Economy of Environmental Protection in Transnational Governance

Dr. Liviu Măntescu is a research associate at IRI THESys currently writing a book manuscript on the Political Economy of Environmental Protection in Transnational Governance.
Book manuscript project (time period: 10/2017 - 10-2018)

The development of industrial capitalism produced global environmental disequilibria with no equivalent in human history. The latest 40 years of human activity killed half of the planet’s wildlife while the world human population doubled. Deforestation of rainforests happens at a rate of 1% per year at the present moment with devastating consequences for biodiversity and climate. Despite the fact that the protection of the natural environment is a matter of transnational political decision since the 1970s, environmental degradation at global scale did not decrease, nor it stopped but increased at alarming rates. Why is environmental protection hard to attain in transnational governance?

Photo:Josephine Lauterbach


Dr. Liviu Măntescu, Research Associate
Phone: +49-(030)-2093-66328
Email: liviu.mantescu@hu-berlin.de