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Urban infrastructures and human-environment relations

The research group "Urban infrastructures and human-environment relations", led by Prof. Timothy Moss, investigates past and current transitions in energy and water infrastructures within the Berlin region.

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Urban infrastructures – understood as sociotechnical configurations – form multiple interfaces in human-environment systems. By virtue of the work they perform in mediating between resource providers and consumers, between the city and nature or between urban settlements and their increasingly global hinterlands, they are critical to social-ecological relations in general and sustainability transitions in particular. This research group investigates past and current transitions in energy and water infrastructures, focussing on the Berlin region, to reveal how they reflect and reproduce the multiple geographies, power relations and socio-materialities of a city.


Current Projects

Powering Divided Cities: Urban Energy Systems between Separation and Cooperation (DiviCiti) (2020-2023)

Former Projects

Urban Rainwater Harvesting from Niche to Mainstream: Challenges and Opportunities for Planning

KNOWING - The knowledge politics of smart urbanism

Invisible Berlin: Urban Infrastructure between Dictatorship and Democracy


Insular and Divided Energy Cities: between autarky and integration






Research Group Leader


Prof. Dr. Timothy Moss, Research Group Leader
Phone: +49 (030) 2093-66436
E-Mail: timothy.moss@hu-berlin.de