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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Measuring community resilience under natural disaster risk in Ghana, West Africa

Frederick Dapilah is a doctoral researcher at IRI THESys. His research interests include the human dimensions of resilience in CCA and DRR, urban development and environmental problems in the Global-South, and urban Transport and Health.

Most developing countries still face a situation where small, manageable hazards result in unnecessary losses of social and economic capital. While the theoretical understanding of these challenges is well documented in the literature, solutions are far less developed. In response, resilience science has been developing a research agenda that focuses on empirical-based solutions that are scalable and transferable. However, in the literature there is still a yawning gap between the set of indicators that provide strong community resilience and place-based solutions. Frederick's project therefore aims to examine community capacities to cope, adapt, and transform in case of flooding and drought hazard. It addresses the following questions: If we think of resilience in terms of communities rather than households does that make a difference in Sub-Saharan Africa? Does climate change reshape new communities and boundaries to enhance community resilience? What are the pathways towards strong community resilience? Is it the same to be resilient toward floods as droughts?

This study will dwell largely on qualitative participatory research approaches.

The output of this research is assumed to fill the theory-action gap through a local scale analysis in resilience science.

The research is funded by the Ministry of Education (MoE) Ghana- DAAD Postgraduate scholarship programme.

Research Group: Changing urban-rural linkages across the world


Photo: Anne Dombrowski


Frederick Dapilah, Doctoral Researcher
THESys Graduate Program
Phone: +49 30 2093 66343
E-mail: fbddapilah@gmail.com