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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

THESys Award

Since 2015, the IRI THESys awards prizes for excellent bachelor and master theses in the field of human-environmental research for HU students – the THESys Award.The award ceremony takes place every winter semester with graduates from the previous two semesters.
Photo:Shad0wfall on Pixabay
Next application deadline

Please apply by 30 November 2020!

What to win?

The THESys Award is given annually in two categories, i.e. bachelor and master theses. In each category a first prize of EUR 250 and a second prize of EUR 150 is awarded. Prizes may be used for academic books, scientific travel or the publication of the thesis.

Who can apply?

The submitted theses may deal with topics in the fields of sustainable land and resources use, urbanization in the 21st century, climate change, environmental justice or planetary boundaries. Besides scientific excellence, the nominated theses are evaluated for their contribution to answering an interdisciplinary and/or transdisciplinary research question in the context of IRI THESys’ aims and scope. Furthermore, applications should state the potential societal impact of their work.

All theses written in one of the above mentioned fields can be nominated, either by the graduates themselves or the supervisors. Both, theses written in English or German qualify for the award.

The theses must be handed in between 1st October 2019 and 30th September 2020 and must already be graded.

How to apply?

A complete application consists of:

(i) the Thesis in pdf format,
(ii) the application form completed by the student and one of the supervisors,
(iii) a copy of the degree certificate and a transcript of records which proofs that the thesis was passed, including the final grade.

Applications can be written in English or German.

Please send your documents to: theresa.frommen@hu-berlin.de

Former winners

You can see all former winners here.