‘Sustainability and Global Justice’

Bachelors and Masters

The Humboldt-Scholarship ‘Sustainability and Global Justice’ of the Humboldt University was established in 2013 and is funded by Stiftung Humboldt-Universität. Throughout the course of one year, fifteen Bachelor and Master students are given the opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary research project with the support of IRI THESys. Progressive and innovative approaches are central to this program, as the students from different HU institutes work at the interface of social science, natural science and the humanities.

From brainstorming and conception, planning and implementation, to the public dissemination of results, the students design a research project focused on sustainability and global justice from start to finish. They gain practical insights into the research on transformations of human environment systems, as well as the rewards and challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration at an early stage of their career. The students receive continuous guidance and supervision from IRI THESys scientists, partners and stakeholders.

For the successful participation in the program, the scholarship holders receive five credit points per semester. To apply to the Humboldt Scholarship, please check this page or the main page of the Humboldt-Stipendium to find the current call for applications.

The research projects from previous Humboldt-Scholarship generations can be found below.




Paul Schulze
Student Coordinator

Tobas Krüger