‘Sustainability and Global Justice’

Bachelors & Masters

2023/24 Right of nature – right to food?

Starting in April 2024, 15 Bachelor’s and Master’s students will be given the opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary and team-based research project throughout the course of one year. In 2024/25, the student research will focus on the topic of “Sustainability and Democracy”.

Both sustainability and democracy are increasingly under pressure. While multiple crises such as the climate crisis motivate some people to participate in politics, others fear a restriction of freedoms. Many are concerned about the suitability of democracy and the possible need for reform in the face of multiple crises. Others, on the other hand, see long-term ecological well-being as a prerequisite for successful democracy; and – conversely – democratic principles as a basic requirement for sustainability. The 2024/25 class will explore this area of tension.