Research Training Program

THESys Graduate Program

Central to the THESys Graduate Program is the research training program which is designed to promote the expertise and capabilities of all doctoral researchers. The curriculum covers four modules (A-D) which focus on developing interdisciplinary competencies (A), deepening disciplinary specialisation (B), discovering new disciplines (C) and improving entrepreneurial and soft skills (D). The training program takes into account the individual strengths and needs of each graduate student and provides an individualized training plan which is developed together with the Graduate Program coordinator and the supervisors. An exemplary research training program plan can be found here.

Program Structure

Module A: Developing Interdisciplinary Competencies

This module connects the doctoral students with the regional and global network of THESys scientists to foster an interdiscip­linary and international community of scholars. It comprises of participation in the THESys colloquium (bi-weekly), THESys Member Lectures (up to two times per semester), the THESys Interdisciplinary Dialogue (one per semester), the THESys Introductory Course – Fundamentals of Human-Environment Research and one THESys Summer School of the student’s choosing.

Module B: Deepening Disciplinary Specialisation

This module is designed to further develop and strengthen disciplinary knowledge and understanding. It comprises of regular participation in the colloquium within the department/ research group in which the doctoral researcher was admitted, as well as a ‘Method Laboratory’ whereby doctoral students have the chance to participate in the organisation of future courses in the curriculum (e.g. inviting potential lecturers and planning content).

Module C: Discovering New Disciplines

This module encourages doctoral students to be curious about different research fields and explore lectures and seminars from diverse HU institutes. With consideration of the individual’s dissertation topic, one suitable course is selected from the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes offered at the HU in consultation with the coordination office. Only participation in the course is necessary, i.e. no essays, exams or other requirements must be fulfilled.

Module D: Training of Entrepreneurial and Soft Skills

This module connects the THESys Graduate program to the academic training in key competencies of the Humboldt Graduate School (HGS). Doctoral students must choose three courses and/or workshops in key competencies during the duration of their enrollment in the THESys Graduate Program. Courses may also be selected from the Women in Natural Science (WiNS) Program. In addition, doctoral students have the opportunity to organize their own courses according to their needs at IRI THESys (e.g. inviting potential lecturers and planning content).