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Berlin’s need for river renaturation


THESys member Prof. Tobias Krüger talks to the taz about the state of the Panke. Berlin’s fourth largest river is heavily influenced by human hand – with increasingly poor water quality and a lack of biodiversity. Its renaturation must proceed more quickly.

A combination of lecture, discussion, and citizen think tank


hr-iNFO reports on the citizens’ dialogues of THESys researcher Theresa Frommen. In Gersfeld, citizens discussed the future of the Rhön and its water resources in the face of climate change.

Wissen Aus Berlin: Do we have enough water in Berlin-Brandenburg?!


In Berlin University Alliance’s series Wissen Aus Berlin, THESys director Jörg Niewöhner and ecologist Britta Tietjen (FU)  discuss their work in the new Einstein Research Unit (ERU) Climate and Water under Change (CliWaC)—a transdisciplinary research initiative dedicated to the investigation of water-related risks of climate change in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

Robert Arlinghaus dedicates an exhibition to the quarry pond


For a special broadcast on the Long Night of the Sciences 2022, THESys member Robert Arlinghaus guided radioeins reporter Julia Vismann through his exhibition BAGGERSEE. The interactive exhibition aims to promote and preserve the biodiversity, recreational value, and fisheries benefits of these man-made ecosystems.

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