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Germany’s pioneer ‘edible city’ on the Rhine


In this portrait of the EdiCitNet project in Andernach, project members talk about their engagement in making the community more aware of how food is grown. The subproject even utilizes the old courtyard to house chickens and sell their eggs in a local shop. See the article and photos on the DW website.

Berlin’s need for river renaturation


THESys member Prof. Tobias Krüger talks to the taz about the state of the Panke. Berlin’s fourth largest river is heavily influenced by human hand – with increasingly poor water quality and a lack of biodiversity. Its renaturation must proceed more quickly.

A combination of lecture, discussion, and citizen think tank


hr-iNFO reports on the citizens’ dialogues of THESys researcher Theresa Frommen. In Gersfeld, citizens discussed the future of the Rhön and its water resources in the face of climate change.

The World Needs Supergrids, But There’s a Problem


If a green pivot is to happen, power grids must become “supergrids”. In a YouTube video by Bloomberg Quicktake, different experts explain what this means and what the challenges are. One of them is THESys member Gretchen Bakke, who takes us back to the early days of the electric grid.

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