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The Edible City – Die essbare Stadt


What does the edible city mean? And how can it improve the urban climate and quality of life in Berlin? Ina Säumel from IRI THESys and her project partner Kai Gildhorn from talked about this question in the third episode of the “Sprout To Be Alive Podcast” at the Urania Berlin.

Theory of science and transdisciplinarity


On the In Common podcast, THESys Director Jörg Niewöhner discusses with host Stefan Partelow—current member of the the third cohort of the Postdoc Academy for Tranformational Leadership— the current and future challenges with inter- and trans-discipliarity, as well as the the significance of the theory of science within academia and beyond.

Klimaschutz ist am Ende des Tages eine moralische Frage


THESys Member Christoph Schneider talks with radio journalist Cora Knoblauch on the Humboldt Hören podcast about glaciers and the political and social efforts that are needed to achieve a CO2-neutral economy, and why climate change is ultimately a moral question.

Hitler wollte Alpenwasser


In an interview with Frank Thadeusz for the Spiegel, THESys Member and historian Timothy Moss explains how infrastructure helped Berlin become the metropolis it is today.

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