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Klimaschutz ist am Ende des Tages eine moralische Frage


THESys Member Christoph Schneider talks with radio journalist Cora Knoblauch on the Humboldt Hören podcast about glaciers and the political and social efforts that are needed to achieve a CO2-neutral economy, and why climate change is ultimately a moral question.

Hitler wollte Alpenwasser


In an interview with Frank Thadeusz for the Spiegel, THESys Member and historian Timothy Moss explains how infrastructure helped Berlin become the metropolis it is today.

More extreme than good: What climate change has to do with pandemics and environmental protection with culture


THESys Director Jörg Niewöhner and Prof. Christian Drosten from the Charité were featured on the the rbb podcast Talking Science. It was part of a special live-recording at the World Health Summit and discussed the connection between the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, the intersection of virology and transformation research and the importance of science communication.

Chemistry in context: New social science fields are exploring how chemists and chemicals affect society


The popular Chemistry World featured THESys Member Gretchen Bakke’s 2013 study on lubricants and lubrication which traces the history- starting with the trade in whale fat, which was superseded by the development of petroleum jelly in the 1860s. The article explores how chemists and chemicals affect society, for instance the emerging subfield of chemo ethnography.

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