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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

Knowledge Exchange

IRI THESys supports the dialogue between science and civil society through public activities such as lecture series, summer universities, participative workshops and exhibitions. In this way, the institute supports sustainability not only in research, but also in innovation and exchange.

Scientific knowledge is core to the process of negotiating societal transformations related to global change. As global change concerns the Earth’s future and therefore all of us, research on sustainability needs to be sustainable itself. This is achieved by attracting ways of communication not only within the science community, but also through direct contact and interaction between science and society.

To raise public awareness of current challenges of more sustainable pathways, the contents of scientific research must be widely visible. Therefore, scientific outreach at IRI THESys includes communication measures such as public lectures and international conferences, educational exhibitions as well as participating activities. These measures are meant to reach various target groups of all ages, from students and teachers at schools to NGO members up to other social actors.

In the interest of transferring knowledge successfully, we need a reciprocal communication and information flow, i.e. from science to society as well as from society to science. Expert knowledge from scientists and everyday knowledge from so-called experts of daily life are not mutually exclusive. They may complement one another in the context of co-operation and collaboration for creating new knowledge and for finding new solutions together in dialogue.

Anne Dombrwoski
Photo:Udo Fischer


Anne Dombrowski, Science Communication
Phone: +49 (030) 2093-66334
E-Mail: anne.dombrowski@hu-berlin.de