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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - IRI THESys

How to operationalise the term water security? Three water experts in dialogue

The interdisciplinary dialogue is a new IRI THESys workshop series on structured, out-of-the-box thinking circling key terms of academic discussion from different perspectives.

This Interdisciplinary Dialogue creates a common ground for water researchers from different perspectives and aims at out-of-the-box thinking and productive knowledge exchange on the water research. Three panellists will set the scene for an interdisciplinary dialogue on how to operationalise the term water security and the audience will be invited to actively participate in the following discussion.


LOCATION | IRI THESys Friedrichstraße 191 | R. 4031
TIME | 30 November 2018 | 11- 12.30 am



  1. Panellists introduce themselves and their position
  2. Each panellist comment on other' position
  3. Open discussion
  4. Wrap up

Suggested reading: Cook, C. and Bakker, K. (2012). Water security: Debating an emerging paradigm, Global Environmental Change, 22:1, p.94-102, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2011.10.011




Jaime Linton

Head of the Chair of the Environmental Capital and Sustainable River Management at the GEOLAB at the Université de Limoges

Photo:Dörthe Tetzlaff

Dörthe Tetzlaff 

Professor in Ecohydrology at the Geography Department of HU Berlin and the Head of the Department of Ecohydrology at the IGB Leibniz Institute


Photo:Andreas Süß

Tobias Krüger

Junior professor at the IRI THESys/HU Berlin leading the research group "Transformations and uncertainties of land-water systems"

The contributing organisers are:


Özge Can Doğmuş, PhD THESys Graduate Program

Karen Lebek, PhD THESys Graduate Program

Wei Weng, PhD THESys Graduate Program

Fabian Stenzel, PhD THESys Graduate Program

Jennifer Merten, PhD THESys Graduate Program

Marius Derenthal, THESys student collaborator


As the Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Friday is limited to 20 participants, a registration is required! To register, please email to Özge Can Doğmuş latest by 16 November: dogmusoc@hu-berlin.de