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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Projects | IRI THESys | News | Congratulations to Özge Can Doğmuş for a Successful PhD Thesis Defense!

Congratulations to Özge Can Doğmuş for a Successful PhD Thesis Defense!

On May 29th 2020, Özge successfully defended her PhD thesis titled 'The ‘on-paper’ hydropower boom. Learning from unsuccessful sustainable development projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina' at the Institute of Geography at Humboldt University.

The thesis explores how the boom of small hydropower projects creates a safe space for corrupt actors relying on the administrative complicatedness and everyday corruption in the country. It contributes to the overall hydropower literature and shows that the hydropower boom is largely 'on-paper' but with real material consequences for sustainable development strategies, corruption, and local lives.

Three main chapters of the work were already published in three different journals, including Ecological EconomicsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews and GeoJournal. It was authored together with IRI THESys researcher Prof Dr. Jonas Østergaard Nielsen and was presented to the team of reviewers which included THESys researcher Prof. Dr. Tobias Krüger, as well as Prof. Dr. James Linton from the Université de Limoges, and Prof. Jessica Budds from the University of East Anglia.

Özge Can Doğmuş is a doctoral researcher at IRI THESys and has been part of IRI THESys Research Group on ‘Integrative Geography' led by Jonas Østergaard Nielsen since August 2015. Her main interest is commodification of the natural commons - i.e. water, land - and dispossession of locals under the guise of the green economy. Her research focuses on how, to what extent, and with what consequences for local lives neoliberal capitalism takes advantage of renewable energy investments.